Auto repairs
Osobna vozilaAuto repair shop ADVERSUS specializes in providing fast and quality service repairs and maintenance of personal, 4-by-4 and SUV vehicles, regardless of make and year of manufacture. From the moment you bring in your vehicle for maintenance in our repair shop, we take full care of its technical soundness as well as the prescribed terms of regular and periodical service (All services are recorded in your vehicle service history book).
We have our own records of clients and vehicles where we regularly add all performed inspections, all repairs with a list of built-in parts, oils and lubricants, anticipated dates for changing consumer parts (timing belts ...), regular engine services, as well as the dates of the annual technical inspection, during which we invite you to bring your vehicle for free inspection to eliminate potential damage on time.
Our goal is as soon as possible to remove all of the defects, provide quality service and maintain your car, all in a good price range to preserve the highest quality of our services.
We are equipped with the latest tools and diagnostic equipment used by our experienced and trained employees. When eliminating breakdowns we always use spare parts only from the best European manufacturers. This is why we have gained popularity as a reliable partner to car owners.
We strive to continuously improve our services so that we create greater trust of our clients.
For better connection with our customers, our services are shown in detail categories.
ulje ikona
- Engine oil replacement
- Gearbox oil replacement
- Power steering fluid replacement
- Differential fluid replacement
- Brake fluid replacement
- Transmission oil replacement
- Coolant fluid replacement
Shell, Total, Castrol, Mobil
filtri ikona
- Oil filter replacement
- Air filter replacement
- Fuel filter replacement
- Cabin air filter replacement
kocioni ikona
- Timing belt replacement
- V-ribbed belt replacement
- Idler guides replacement
- Timing belt tensioner pulley replacement
- V-ribbed belt tensioner pulley replacement
- Water pump replacement
Bugatti, Dayco, Graf, Gates, INA, SKF
kocioni ikona
- Break disks replacement
- Break pads replacement
- Brake shoe replacement
- Brake hoses replacement
- Brake calipers replacement
- Wheel brake cylinder replacement
Delphi, Brembo, Mintex, TRW
ovjes ikona
- Shock absorber replacement
- Tie rod replacement
- Tie rod end replacement
- Track control arm replacement
- Stabiliser replacement
- Steering wheel joint replacement
- Reparation of hydraulic steering rack
TRW, KYB, Meyle, SKF, Spidan, Monroe
elektronika ikona
- Battery replacement
- Spark plugs and bulbs replacement
- Cable replacement
- Ignition coil replacement
- Glow plug replacement
- Camshaft position sensors replacement
- Preasure sensors replacement
- Mass air flow sensors replacement
- Fuel pump replacement
Banner, Bosch, Brecav, Denso, Meat & Doria, NGK
autodijagnostika ikona
- Checking the validity of electronic systems
- Start test of vehicle components
- Error correction for vehicle components
prijenos ikona
- Complete clutch repair kit
- Drive shaft joints replacement
- Transmission oil seal replacement
- Clutch cable replacement
- Flywheel replacement
ispuh ikona
- Exhaust silencer replacement
- Catalytic converter replacement
- Rubber strip replacement
Bosal, Walker
motor ikona
- Engine mountings replacement
- Engine gasket replacement
- Machining of the cylinder head
- Valve stem seals replacement
- Engine oil seals replacement
- Intake and outtake valves replacement
Victor Reinz, Sasic
ostalo ikona
- Windscreen wiper replacement
- Car body parts replacement
- Audio equipment installation
AVA, Denso, Valeo
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